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We’re experts in Thai Massage but even more popular are our Thai-integrated massages that include therapies like Sport, Neuromuscular, Swedish, or Active Release techniques.


Prices are in 60/90/120 min increments


Thai Sport™

Our signature massage integrating Thai, Sport, and our own proprietary protocols. Includes Acupressure, Thai Yoga stretching, Sport and Deep Tissue. Ideal for minor problems and body maintenance.  

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Thai Neuromuscular™

Resolves chronic pain or injury using Thai acupressure, Neuromuscular techniques with myofascia release, and may also include Cupping, Rockblade, PVC, or other therapy tools. 90 minutes is preferred.  

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Thai Spa™

A truly relaxing massage combining Swedish with Thai acupressure added for deeper penetration of problem areas. Includes your choice of Skin & Body Boost. In our Thai room or Massage Table.  

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Thai Therapeutic™

The ultimate version of Thai Sport Massage that adds expert soft tissue manipulation and Active Release techniques for problem areas. May include Cupping, or Hot Stones in some areas of focus.

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Thai Traditional

The authentic Thai Massage using no oils or western protocols. Plenty of Thai acupressure and Thai Yoga stretching with a strong focus on the legs and back area. Ideal for the lower body — especially runners.  

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Four Hands

The ultimate massage for busy people or those who need extra therapy. A Thai Sport, Spa, or Traditional with two therapists provides an amazing experience. Ideal with Cupping, Hot Stones, or Herbal Compression.  

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Thai Prenatal™

For pregnant mothers in second trimester or later. Relieves discomfort such as backaches, leg cramps, or edema and reduces anxiety. We recommend using a Thai Therapy room for more comfort.

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