Enhance Training, Resolve Injuries, and More

These are special therapies to increase range of motion, strengthen underused muscles, help resolve chronic pain, and retrain the body to work better — without going through the hoops of your health care provider.

With prices as low as $50 per session and body analysis at $25 they are half the price of most physical therapists.
You’ll also often get important after-care instructions and training on how to properly exercise problem areas.


Note: Pricing is shown below as 30min/60min


Thai Sport Stretch™

Thai Sport Stretch uses PNF* and our own stretching techniques based on a decade of stretching experience. This is powerful active and passive resistance that restores range of motion, reduces pain, and strengthens underused muscles.  30/60 min.

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Kinesio Taping/IASTM

Specialized sports tape retrains movement, reduces pain, and assists in healing. The RockBlade IASTM is used to remove underlying scar tissue (similar to Graston Technique). We recommend Biofreeze Pro Boost as well. 30/60 min. 

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Pure Cupping Therapy

100% “cupping with motion” therapy using either moveable silicone cups for myofascia release or stationary cups with greater suction and control for deeper tissue penetration. Or use both types. There is no massage. 30/60 min.  

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The BodyScan

A powerful 3D analytics system that determines weight, body mass index, balance, posture, and more. Ideal to track weight loss, muscle gain, and improving posture. Qty Discounts Avail. Takes 30 minutes. Wear tight clothes