The Healing Power
of Touch™


Massage Therapies for Stress, Pain, or Injury

Our award winning staff are renown for effective therapy combining authentic Thai massage with advanced techniques and technology. You won’t find a better value with prices starting at $65 per hour.

Our signature Thai Sport Massage™ is the fusion of Thai massage with sport massage and our own proprietary manual protocols. Its anatomically-focused approach is more effective than the acupuncture meridians and sens lines that traditional Thai massage address. Even our therapy rooms are specially designed to access your body from every angle with perfect precision.

But we don’t stop there. We have an entire family of “Thai-Fusion” massages that cover every type of physical issue as well as Traditional Thai massage. We’ll have the perfect massage for you too.

Go Beyond Massage 


 With Affordable Advanced Bodywork

Our Thai and American health professionals are also trained in physio therapies for athletes, rehab patients, and those with long term physical restrictions.

We can resolve range of motion, improve flexibility, increase athletic performance, and other chronic problems that work well with our massage therapy — at half the cost of a physical therapist or athletic trainer. We also use the latest tools in measuring and tracking body wellness with our 3D BodyScan.

We’re more than your local massage therapist — we fill the missing gap between massage therapy and physical therapy with advanced bodywork sessions starting at $50.

Stay in


Don’t Just Come When You’re In Trouble

Many find us because of recent pain or injury. But most actually suffer from fundamental problems such as overused muscles, poor posture, excessive sitting, arthritis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, and more. These cause imbalances in your body that only get worse over time.

That’s why we created the Body Balanced Club™ . It’s not only a better solution than typical massage memberships but there’s no monthly billing and the savings are great. However space is limited. Join Today!