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A Better Approach To Thai Massage

We’re known for affordable and effective therapy by integrating Thai massage with new techniques and technology.
Even our private therapy rooms are designed to deliver exact pressure and precision — there’s nothing else like it!

Our signature Thai Sport Massage™ is a fusion of Thai and Sport massage plus our own school of manual protocols.
You get the benefits of traditional Thai massage with anatomically-focused sports medicine techniques that’s great for most anyone.

But we don’t stop there. There’s an entire family of Thai-fusion massages ranging from relaxation to the most chronic of problems
— and of course Traditional Thai massage too.

All starting at just $65 per hour!

Advanced Bodywork


When Massage Isn’t Quite Enough

Our Advanced Bodywork team are trained in a wide range of therapies ideal for athletes, rehab patients, and those with chronic problems.
These can often be used in conjunction with a massage session to deliver the best results.

This resolves range of motion, improves flexibility, increases athletic performance, and retrains the body to move correctly without pain
— at half the cost of a physical therapist or athletic trainer, starting at $50 a session.

We have the latest technology in measuring and tracking body shape, weight, balance, posture, wellness, and fitness with a FIT3D BodyScan.

Be your very best with Thai Sport Bodyworks!

Stay in


A Free Rewards & Motivation Program

Many come when a problem occurs but regular bodywork keeps them from reoccurring since they’re usually underlying issues.
Over-exercise, poor posture, stress, excessive sitting, arthritis, fibromyalgia, tendinitis and more are usually the real problem!

Our Body Balanced Club™ is designed to motivate you to come more often.
It’s a rewards program offering points, discounts, and even special bonuses for more active clients.
There’s no monthly fees and the savings are the best around.