Feel, Move, & Live Better

PowerfulTherapy Starting at $65


Stop Stress, Pain, and Injury

Go beyond personal care massage with serious bodywork that’s up to half the price of the competition. Now everyone can afford to keep their body working the way it should.

Therapeutic Bodywork

Thai Massage Made Modern


Founders of Thai Sport Massage™

Thai Sport Massage™ combines Thai massage with sports massage and our own proprietary protocols — in specially designed therapy rooms for superior leverage. This is an anatomical approach to muscles and fascia instead of the traditional medicine theory of accessing the “energy lines” used in Thai Massage.

This treatment is so effective it’s recommended by doctors, chiropractors, and personal trainers.

We also have therapy from relaxation to chronic pain relief — along with Dynamic Cupping, CBD Therapy, Kava Treatment, Hot Stones, and other enhancements.

Advanced Bodywork

Stretch, Taping, and More


When Massage Isn’t Enough

Increase flexibility, strength, and range of motion with Advanced Bodywork like Thai Sport Stretch™, Pure Cupping Therapy, and Kinesiology Taping with Graston.

Available In 30 or 60 minute sessions, these cost around half the price of a typical physical therapist or athletic trainer. It’s also possible to schedule a session before or after a massage session.

No monthly fees

Join a New Kind of Rewards Program


The Body Balanced Club™

Tired of Massage Memberships that charge monthly for discounts?

We changed all that with points and activity rewards such as coming more often. There’s even a free 30 minute session on your birthday month.

There’s no fee or commitment and you save $10 just by joining on your second visit.