The Healing Power of Human Touch


Thai Massage and more

We’re renown for resolving stress, pain, and injury with our unique integration of Thai Massage with modern physiotherapy such as Sport, Neuromuscular, or Myofascial Decompression.

Our signature Thai Sport Massage™ combines Thai with Sport massage plus our own treatment protocols that have helped thousands of clients resolve physical problems and to live more physically productive lives.

Today, theres a complete family of Thai-integrated therapies for a wide spectrum of issues. There’s nothing else like this and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Advanced Bodywork To Improve Performance


When Massage Alone Isn’t Enough

We help athletes and many others increase flexibility, strength, and range of motion so they can take on life’s difficult challenges. Thai Sport Stretch, Pure Cupping Therapy, and Taping with Graston are serious advanced therapies,

Available In 30 minute and 60 minute sessions, they cost around half the price of a typical physical therapist or athletic trainer — and the results are great. It’s even possible to schedule them before or after a massage session.

Stay In Balance With Our Rewards Club


KEEP HEALTHY While Saving Money

Many find us when a problem occurs but they often re-occur due to over-exercise, poor posture, stress, arthritis, tendinitis, etc. These can be resolved with regular massage and bodywork.

That’s why we created the Body Balanced Club,™ a free program that offers rewards, special discounts, and even bigger discounts for more regular clients.

There’s no commitment and never a fee to join.