Dynamic Cupping Therapy

Cupping may be new to you thanks to the Summer Olympics but it's an ancient therapy that really works and while it looks painful — it's not. Cupping was invented a thousand years ago in China and is a common practice among Asian therapists today.  How does it work?

It creates a vacuum and lifts the skin up in that space and therefore creates a lift of all the soft tissue.  Depending on how long you leave it on one particular of place, you get an infusion of fluid in that one area. That’s why you see the marks on some of the athletes. There’s an increase in blood flow to that area to facilitate healing and flush out toxins.  

We go beyond the ancient method that uses glass cups.  We perform dynamic cupping, which uses specially designed plastic cups that permit us to have better control over the amount of suction and to glide the cups over the skin.  This applies myofascial release that eliminates subtle tissue lesions and adherences that restrict movement.

A discoloration does occur and can last up to a week but the benefits of speedier recovery and improved muscle movement is ideal for athletes and regular people too.


$20 per session  (please ask in advance as only certain therapists are trained with this treatment)