Save Money and Save Your Body

It’s Fun and Free

Plus there’s no contracts and takes just 60 seconds to join. It’s a program designed to inspire you to take better care of your body — After all, it’s the only one you have! The more you use the program, the more you’ll benefit.

$10 off Just to Join*

There’s a $10 off Bonus towards any service or product after you sign up*. How’s that for motivation! First time clients can also take advantage of 50% off all enhancements too.

Frequent User Bonuses

If you return within 30 days of your last visit, you’ll receive a Frequent User Bonus of $5 off and any free Skin & Body Boost such as CBD treatment. You can also purchase a $20 Upgrade like Cupping or Hot Stones for just $5.

Great Referral Bonuses

It takes seconds to text your friends to earn $5 off and any add-on treatment for those that use the program. Once you reach ten referrals you’re enrolled in our Ambassador Program with Double Rewards Points for an entire year.

Earn Reward Points

You earn 10 points for each dollar you spend that can be used for free products, services, and big discounts. Your first reward can easily be earned on your first visit! You even take a free spin for rewards every time you check in!

Double Points Too

From time to time we’ll notify you of Double Points Days and Times so you can earn even more. Plus there’s always Double Points for Seniors (over 65), Military (Active), and for select organizations that we partner with.

Buy A Wellness Package

We now have three pack massages available that includes a free Skin & Body Boost and a free Body Scan. Use them whenever you want.

There’s Even More

Not convinced this is the best wellness program on the planet? There’s also Free Birthday Month Add-ons, VIP programs for professional athletes, special programs for High School and College Sports Teams, and much much more.


*after your first visit as a Body Balanced member, you will receive a $10 off voucher for any service. There is no expiration date.