Nov 1, 2018— Today, we have launched an exciting new membership program called BodyBalanced Club! Unlike most massage membership programs, it’s free to join and there a no contracts or monthly commitments. We wanted a program that offers real incentives to take better care of your body. This is the result. Upon joining you get an instant $10 off your next session, and $25 off in value on any session if you come within the next 30 days of your last appointment. You also get referral bonuses, rewards points to reimburse for discounts and services. To make the program fun, everytime you come in, you can randomly win prizes from free points to free massages.


Nov 1, 2018— We have updated our prices effective November 1, 2018. We have raised our Thai Sport Massage from $60 to $65 per hour to match the price of our other standard massage therapies, which were subsequently decreased from $70 to $65 per hour. We also decreased our Add-On prices (Cupping, Hot Stones, etc.) from $30 per session to $20 per session and all of our Essential Oils from $15 to $10 per session. The price decreases makes our other therapies (outside of Thai Sport Massage) more interesting and we want you to really try everything we offer.

Active Stretch Therapy Comes to Thaisport

July 5, 2018— After a year of testing and focus groups, we are pleased to announce ta stretch therapies based on Active Stretching.  This rounds out our bodywork therapy into 6 massage therapies, 7 add-on treatments, and 1 stretch therapies, which will provide a full body wellness solution that massage therapy alone cannot fulfill.  The two new therapies, PNF Stretch is an advanced technique once only offered by physical therapists.  The advantage we offer isn't just cost savings but the ability to mix and match therapies for amazing results.

Rancho Bernardo Location To Open

May 10, 2018 — We are pleased to announce that we are building a second location in Rancho Bernardo at the Clock Tower Medical Plaza.  Located on Bernardo Center Drive, the new location opens on July 20, 2018  It will be a brand new facility custom designed for our types of therapy and includes 4 stretch and massage rooms, 4 Thai rooms, as well as a Body Analytics room. 

Kinesiology Taping Arrives

January, 2018 — Thaisport has partnered with Rocktape to provide Rocktape Taping services as well as using the Rockblade therapy tool for an instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation.  Anyone with an injury or pain from movement of any major joint can take advantage of retraining the body and the mind to adjust to most movement issues.  We also resell Rocktape for home use.  Try it today. It's an affordable price of only $25 per session.

New Booking System using Booker

October, 2017 — After months of testing, we have migrated to the Booker POS system along with using Clover for credit card processing.  This combined solution provides a lot more sophisticated management of products and services.  It also allows to scale better as we begin to add new locations in 2018.

Hot Bamboo Treatments Are Here!

July, 2017 — Hot Bamboo Treatment is the latest rage in deep heated therapy. It beats hot stones by a mile because the roller is heated and then rolled across your tissues with the right amount of pressure.  Your muscles and fascia just melt under the gentle pressure while the heat provides deep relaxation. Most places charge up to $140 for a hot bamboo massage, but here its only a $20 add-on.  Try it today.

Thai Neuromuscular Goes Beyond Massage 

April, 2017 — Often pain and injury just doesn't seem to go away.  That's becuase muscle strain or knots aren;t the problem but are caused by myofascial distortions that entrap nerves and tissue.  This requires a very special type of manual therapy where quasi-static pressure is applied to soft tissue to stimulate skeletal striated muscle and fascia while releasing trapped nerves.  Our latest massage combines our award winning Thaisport Method™ with a variety of Neuromuscular Therapies (NMT). Since we introduced Thai Neuromuscular, we have already resolved over 100 clients long term chronic problem.

We've been awarded 2nd Place Best Massage Business! 

August, 2016 — After a month of heavy competition against 82 other massage businesses in San Diego, we have taken 2nd place in the San Diego A-List competition hosted by Cityvoter.com.  This is considered quite an honor since this is our first year in competition and only our third year in business.  The winner, Bellagio Spa, has been a consistent winner since 2013 and we salute them for being such a great contender.  Our therapies are not focused on an expensive spa experience but on serious therapeutic massage and physiotherapy; we have proudly helped thousands of clients.  Thanks for voting for us!  Next year we hope to take first place!

New Website and New Treatments! 

February, 2016 — We launched a brand new website and along with it a whole slew of new treatments that you can add to your normal massage session.  These Special Treatments are affordable and effective including: Thai Herbal Compression, Hot Stone Treatment, Magnesium Oil Treatment, and Aromatherapy Massage.  Check it out!

Gift Cards are Now Available 

February, 2016 — We now offer Gift Cards that are treated just like a credit card in any denomination.  Now it's very easy to buy a card online and then have it mailed direct to you or the person you are gifting.  

Introducing a Spa-Style Massage

January, 2016 — We have designed a new massage called Thai Spa Massage for those who want a more pampered relaxing experience.  It combines Swedish with a Thai Twist by including aromatherapy and authentic Thai herbal ball massage or Hot Stone treatment too!  Check it out!

A New Vision is Emerging

November, 2015 — Our mission is to deliver great results for our clients.  In the coming months we will be adding exciting new products and services designed to promote health and wellness through our massage treatments. 

Our New Location is Open!

September, 2015 — Our new office is finally open!  Located near our original "gym" location, our latest facility has been expanded to accomodate more clients in a quiet location.  Each room is private and custom designed for our Thai-approach to massage. There's even a special couples room too!  All new appointments are taken at our new location @ 11300 Sorrento Valley Rd, #105.

Thai Therapeutic Massage is Available

August, 2015 — We are now offering Thai Therapeutic Massage that takes our signature Thai Sport Massage to a whole new level.  It's only offered by our top therapists that are specially trained in soft tissue manipulation.  This massage costs a little more but it's ideal for those suffering from chronic pain and injury.  Come check it out!

Prenatal Massage is Available

July, 2015 — We are now offering Prenatal Massage services for expecting mothers.  Pregnancy is uncomfortable and puts a lot of stress on the lower back where a traditional massage table cannot address.  Come check us out!