Thai Therapeutic

A full body approach with soft tissue mobilization using pin and stretch and active release. Thai Therapeutic doesn't require special tools and doesn't just focus on the trouble areas but engages the entire body with the right pressure and correct motion to help retrain and restore the body to its normal balance.  

Soft tissue mobilization is applied to the problem areas requiring us to manipulate muscles, joints, and ligaments with active motion.  The techniques used are similar to physical therapy using pin and stretch and active release. 

This massage isn't just useful for pain and injury but also for enhancing physical performance, increasing mobility, and body maintenance.   Athletes can benefit before a competition to ensure their body is tuned for maximum performance.

Please consult with us, if you have questions on which advanced therapy is best for you.


Starting at just $90.00 per hour (we also offer $5 cash discount).

60 Minutes — $90
90 Minutes — $135
120Minutes — $180

One Enhancement is included as required for treatment (savings of $20)
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