Kinesio Taping

Sports Tape works wonders. It supports injured muscles or joints without restricting range of motion. It aids in faster muscle recovery, prevents cramps and spasms, prevents over-contraction of muscles, and improves muscle tone and strength. It can compress or decompress depending upon the application and can be used to promote blood flow or drain swelling.   It can decrease pain or increase your mind's awareness of a specific area that needs attention.  

Everyone can benefit from taping to address common problems. Athletes can apply prior to a competition to increase performance, or simply address common physical problems.  It’s great for ankle sprains, tendinitis, golfer's elbow, shin splints, low back disorders, rotator cuff problems, plantar fascitis, swollen ankles, tennis elbow, calf strains, and carpal tunnel syndrome — to name a few.

Using The Rockblade




Often, clients have soft-tissue injuries that have become chronic since the body has formed scar tissue and adhesions during the healing process. This limits motion and often causes pain. When needed, this session can include the application of the Rockblade IASTM tool to prepare the taped areas. This is very similar to the Graston technique.


Includes IASTM therapy if needed.

30 Minutes — $50
60 Minutes — $90