Pure Cupping Therapy

There is no massage with Pure Cupping Therapy. This focuses 100% on the use of special silicone suction cups to decompress the skin and its underlying structure in order to release adhesions, increase local circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system, and remove toxins.

It is a pure cupping experience with no massage therapy included outside of warming up the body. By focusing on cupping, the therapist can spent the entire time cupping the entire body and not just as an add-on to a section of the body.

Dynamic Cupping is very different than fire cupping, which is a traditional Chinese medical method. Fire cupping are glass cups heated by flame and then left statically on the body. Dynamic Cupping is a physical therapy where the therapist moves the cups vigorously along the skin to work out the adhesions and increase circulation. They will also be scanning and locating areas of tightness, which are vigorously treated with additional motion.

Once an area is completed, only then will the therapist leave the cups on the skin in a strategic location and move to another part of the body with another cup. At the end of the session, there can be up to 20 large and small cups placed on the body to complete the necessary suction to pull up toxins and increase circulation.

Contrary to many western medical articles, dynamic cupping is well proven to be quite beneficial. These articles are focusing on Chinese fire cupping, which we do not adhere to.


30 Minutes — $50
60 Minutes   — $90