Thai Sport Stretch™

Thai Sport Stretch is based upon PNF and our own unique stretching protocols. It’s a hands-on treatment that analyzes a client’s movement and then uses static and isometric stretching in order to achieve maximum flexibility and range-of-motion. This treatment can prevent injuries, back pain, and balance problems.  By combining PNF with our own experience in Thai massage stretching, the results are very good.

PNF stretching used to be an elite and costly treatment for rehabilitation offered by physical therapists.  Today, we bring this powerful therapy to anyone who needs to increase their range of motion and flexibility — which is most of us.

Our stretch session includes isometric contractions so stretching muscles can occur safely. Not only are the muscles and tendons stretched, they are also contracted at their elongated length. This decreases any pain that your mind anticipates, which actually causes inhibition of movement.  You'll be dancing at the end of your session!

There are stretch protocols for every part of the body, so its possible to provide a full body stretch with the 60 minute session. Afterwards you'll feel incredibly loose, relaxed, and able to move freely.  For particular body issues you can also select the 30 minute session and even add it to your massage session. 

Both sessions will deliver increased flexibility and range of motion in as quickly as one session. It is highly recommended to purchase a six pack series to achieve long lasting results.

*Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation


30 Minutes   — $50
60 Minutes   — $90

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