Therapeutic needs vary from person-to-person and day-to-day. We offer a wide choice of massage therapies so the entire family at any age can benefit.

Thaisport Massages

Our signature Thaisport approach is different than traditional Thai massage because we focus on your anatomy and not the traditional sens lines.  It’s also combined with western protocols such as deep tissue and sport massage. At the end is a deep passive stretch, leaving you feeling and moving better.     

Today we offer three massages using the Thaisport Method®:

Thai Sport  — Our Signature Therapy
Thai Neuromuscular  — With Neuromuscular
Thai Therapeutic — With Soft Tissue Manipulation

Specialty Massages

We also provide relaxation and specialized therapies. Some of these massages may take place on a standard massage table. From a relaxing spa-like experience that includes Swedish and hot stones, to traditional Thai massage from the school of Wat Pho.  While expectant mothers can take advantage of our Thai Prenatal massage.

Today we offer three specialty massages:

Thai Spa — Swedish + Thai with hot stones
Thai Traditional — 100% Thai style massage
Thai Prenatal — For expectant mothers

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