Thai Neuromuscular

Highly effective for chronic pain and can reduce or eliminate even longstanding painful conditions.  This session engages trigger points and performs fascia manipulation to address postural distortion, bio-mechanical dysfunction, and nerve compression.

The first step is a full body assessment, which determines the tools and procedures to be used during the session.  Next, we apply NMT protocols incorporated with our Thaisport Method® with a focus on the problem areas.   NMT-oriented tools may be used during the session to achieve the desired result.  This may include dynamic cupping (used by Olympic athletes), YogaBalls®, bamboo rolls, and the Rockblade®

The end result should be significant relief and a path to full recovery.  


Starting at $90.00 per hour (we also offer $5 cash discount).

60 Minutes — $90
90 Minutes — $135
120Minutes — $180

Additional Add-ons are not required, as they are included in this price.
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