The upcoming MotionScan uses a Kinetisense 3D computer system to analyze complex body movement in real time without body markers. It uses AI and 3D structural light so it can handle almost any motion analysis. Athletic assessment, rehabilitation evaluations, and balance training for geriatric clients — are just a few examples.

Examples of Tests Performed

It’s so powerful we can create customized assessment routines for almost any sports such as running, tennis, gymnastics, basketball etc. It’s possible to develop custom assessment programs for an entire sport or even for a particular sports team. Come talk to us about building your assessment routines.

3D Balance

The 3D Balance test analyzes the sway and tilt of the head, shoulders, hips and knees. It’s proprietary algorithms will score balance within seconds, making it the most advanced concussion baseline tool and geriatric risk of fall system to date. Geriatric clients can earn to strengthen their gluteal muscles to prevent common falls and injuries.

3D Posture

While our BodySan does a great job of frontal and side posture analysis. We can delve deeper by evaluating the coronal, transverse and sagittal plane for a full understanding of postural problems and progress.  We can even perform postural training with this system.


No more goniometer or “eyeballing” assessments. We can  analyze over 40 joint ROM movements in real-time with automatic reporting. Neck, Back, Shoulders, Elbows, Hips and Knees can be analyzed in seconds to track our Massage and Bodywork progress.

3D Functional Movement

The 3D Functional Movement is the world’s first and only tool that provides real-time biomechanics data of the coronal and transverse planes — with a single front-facing camera. In San Diego, with so many golfers and tennis players, this movement test will accurately identify lateral or medial epicondylitis conditions associated with the elbow, specifically the attachment sites for the extensor and flexor muscles of the wrist.

Coming Q4 2018. Call for more information

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