Let’s Get To Know You!

You're not just a number here.  In fact its critical to know a lot about you because our manual therapies are physically intrusive.  So we need you to complete our Intake Form.  Don't worry, we keep this information safely stored in a secure cloud platform so its safe.

You can fill out the intake form right here before you arrive, or if you wish at our office.  It takes just a few minutes.  Click or tap below to launch the online intake form: 

Updating Your Records

We keep records of every visit and what Therapist treats you.  We also make treatment notations on your intake record so that we can refer to them on your future visits.   We don't share this information with any third party without your written permission. Only authorized staff members have access to these records.  All of your information is encrypted in a secure HIPPA compliant cloud platform so its not possible for others to see it. We will keep these records for up to five years unless you ask us to erase them

Insurance Reimbursement

We accept HSA cards for most of our therapies and we can also provide the treatment codes and notes for FSA and regular insurance. We don't directly bill your carrier, but we will provide your carrier with the necessary treatment documentation and return this to them within 24 hours of their request.  This is necessary if you have a claim for reimbursement with them.