Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is Thaisport Bodyworks?

We're a health and wellness company that focuses bodywork to reduce stress, pain, or injury as well as increase motion and performance. We're a division of Thaisport Group, a family owned business of high tech entreprenuers and bodywork experts with a vision of integrating eastern and western manual therapies coupled with advanced technology and services.

+ How long have you been in business?

We've been in business since 2013, starting part time with just one room and one therapist practicing our approach to eastern and western therapies. Since then we've grown to over 14 therapists and and two locations that have helped thousands of satisfied clients.

+ How did you get such great reviews?

We focus on providing the best results for our clients based on their specific issues. Our specialized Thaisport Methods are used in most of our therapes, and it works wonders for mosst people.

+ How come your prices are so affordable?

We are not the same as a typical asian massage company that charges much less. Nor are we like a typcial Spa either that charges almost double our prices. We fit in the mid range of pricing with services you often can't find anywhere else at our price points. By keeping costs down we can deliver great therapeutic value that you don't normally see at these prices.

+ Who is the best therapist there?

If you look at our Yelp, Google, or Facebook reviews you may come to some conclusions but in reality many of our therapists are not even mentioned. We pride ourselves on striving for high standards and that each therapist performs in our trademark style. That way our quality is consistent across the board. You may end up having a favorite or two but often that's just a personality issue. If you're ever disapointed, we want to know right away to correct any issues.

+ Are your therapists educated and licensed?

Yes, all of our therapists are CMT licensed and many are also graduates with advanced wellness degrees, or are licensed Yoga or Personal Trainers. We even have a licensed Tai Kwan Do instructor who is a national TKD gold champion. We also are offering new active stretching therapy called DCT with certified DCT therapists. Our continual training and education also maintain our standing as one of the best therapy businesses in San Diego.

+ What is better a 60, 90, or 120 minute session?

That depends on your situation. If you are in for a tune up or body maintenance then 60 minutes is fine. If you are experiencing any stiffness, pain, muscle knots, etc. then we recommend at least 90 minutes. Your therapist will make recommendations that are best for you.

+ Do you offer Groupons or Yelp Deals?

We currently don't offer Groupon or Yelp deals but our first time clients get a 50% discount on any add-on, saving $15. Check out our Discounts page for other offers. We also have a monthly deal emailed to our clients.

+ Do you offer Packages or Memberships?

We don;t currently but are crating a new membership progeam in 2019 that is designed to deliver customized value (and not just discounted value). We will build custom bodywork programs that are personalized depening on personal goals.

+ Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we take Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, AMEX, and also Apple or Google Pay. There is a $1.99 convenience fee for credit cards (not for debit cards)

+ Do you offer cash discounts?

Yes, we will give you a $5 discount on any of our massages when you pay with cash. This reduces our banking and processing fees, so we are happy to pass this along to you. We also have early bird discounts.

+ Do you take Insurance?

We currently do not take insurance at this time. We do take HSA cards for payment of all of our therapies though. We also will provide your insurance carrier documentation needed for reimbursement when requested.

+ How do I book an appointment?

You can book online at this website by clicking any Book Now link or you can call or text us at 858-519-7867.

+ Can I cancel an appointment?

You can cancel at any time by calling or texting us. There is a 30% cancellation fee if you don't show up or cancel the apppointment 24 hours or less. Please call or text us 24 hours or more.

+ What's the difference between your therapies?

We offer six different types of massages and two active stretch therapies. Please review them on our website.

+ How come not everyone can provide a Thai Prenatal Massage?

These are specialized massages and we only permit our trained and approved therapists to perform these therapies. Its more diffuclt to get a same day booking for these massages but its worth booking a day in advance if you require one of our specialized massages.

+ Are you better than traditional physical therapy?

Our bodywork is physio-therapeutic and has evolved tremendously since we started the company in 2013. So while we are not licensed PT, we perform almost all of the same work they do outside of clinical diagnosis and PT excercise routines.

+ Are you a franchise?

Once we have built out all of the servics and products that we have envisioend, we plan on launching a franchising operation to bring our services anywhere in the world.