The Therapeutic Workout


The DCT Stretch is resistance stretching and strength training combined!  It's based upon the Dynamic Contraction Technique™ (DCT™) and is a therapeutic workout experience that uses eccentric muscle contractions to breakdown scar tissue, rebuild muscle strength, and restore the body's proper function. Used extensively by professional sports teams to keep its athletes in top condition, this is our most sophisticated stretch therapy.

Developed over 17 years by the creator, Nic Bartolletta, the  DCT™ system includes over 450 exercises and uses a special therapeutic device called the Proflex™ for facilitating deep stretches for the hips, legs, and ankles. Come prepared to sweat and use muscles that you forgot you even had.  These underused muscles are core to problems that cascade into long standing physical abnormalities such as poor posture, joint pain, and contributes to stiffness and range of motion issues. 

A full body stretch can be accomplished in 60 minutes but we recommend to use this therapy for focusing on real problem areas.  This may be accomplished in 30 or 60 minutes depending upon the problem.  Consult your therapist.  It is not recommended to have a massage after the session, but its possible before the session.

DCT™ uses a different sequence and application of muscle contractions to PNF, so it's possible to mix and match stretch sessions to find the best result. Whether you're a serious athlete, a weekend warrior, or just a desk bound jockey, DCT Stretch, is the most powerful tool in our Body Wellness arsenal.


30 Minutes   — $65
60 Minutes   — $120

We recommend Kinesiology TapingMuscle & Joint Treatment, or Cupping with this session.
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Note: All appointments require a no-charge credit card hold but there is a reschedule or cancellation  fee of 30%) if within 24 hours.

DCT™ is a trademark of Dynamic Contraction Technique.

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