The Magic of Dynamic Cupping

It's Real Therapy

Cupping sounds like some kind of weird alternative medicine and not serious massage.  But we discovered for ourself how powerful cupping can be, so we added it into our Treatments toolkit. 

Cupping is thousands of years old, originally started by the Chinese using fragile glass cups and a candle to reduce the air pressure and create a suction on the skin.  They would let these cups sit on the skin for 5-10 minutes to draw out impurities from the skin and nearby tissue.  Cupping can be used almost anywhere on the body to boost circulation, enhance tissue flexibility, and move stagnant fluids.

How It Works

There's a lot to cupping.  While some of it sounds like witchdoctor science, there's some benefits that massage alone cannot do as well.  Moving the cups along the lines of the fascia performs a superior form of myofascial release since the tissue adherences are being pulled as well as being massaged.  This releases these tissues away from muscle and skin tissue, which will facilitate better muscle movement and flexibility.

This dynamic action is delivering a deep massage, but instead of compressing your tissues, we are decompressing them and causing them to lift and separate from each layer.  Our gentle movements of the cups can reach up to four inches inside your tissues. This leaves your skin and muscles feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, and the enhanced circulation brings new blood and nourishment to the tissues.

Why The Hype with the Olympics!

The RIO Summer Olympics spotted many athletes sporting "cupping marks" all over their bodies, which raised a lot of questions by the media.  This isn't a new phenomenon amongst athletes but seems to be new to the Olympic games.  The great thing about the hype is the raised awareness of what cupping really is about

But it's not just for athletes but for anyone who has restricted movement and tightness caused by a variety of activities, including not enough activity!  

Dynamic Cupping Is Best

Traditional cupping use glass and candles to create the suction.  We don't use fragile glass but instead use silicon cupping tools that can be squeezed to create suction. This is a modern form of cupping called "dynamic cupping".  With the silicone cups we can determine the right amount of suction and then move the cups around in a massage-like motion.  This is incredibly efficient than the old glass style.  

What about the Cupping Marks?

Don't be alarmed by the "hickies" that dynamic cupping may leave behind. These may vary from light red to dark brown depending on the amount of stagnant fluids are in your tissues. These go away in just a day or two.

Ask about cupping, we are happy to show you how it works!

Silicone Cups Can Glide Over The Body

Silicone Cups Can Glide Over The Body

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