We Try Harder

Its true, we do try harder because we want to be known as the best place in San Diego to get a serious massage.  We aren't the cheapest place and we sure aren't the prettiest place, so to stand out in an overcrowded market, our goal is to be the best at any price.

It's a tall order and the only way to achieve this is uncompromising perfection by all of our therapists.  We ask a lot of them and we hope you appreciate their hard work and treat them well.  

We also don't mind a few compliments, so if you feel inclined, please tell us the good and the bad.  And if you're a Yelp or Foursquare member, we really appreciate your support and your reviews.   We love what we do but we can only grow with your help.

Thanks so much!  We owe it all to you.

Thai Sport Massage

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