Our Most Popular Massage

We designed our Thai Sport Massage to meet your individual needs — at prices well below the typical spa massage.  Our therapists are trained in a unique approach to massage therapy that provides the benefits of Thai-style acupressure and stretching along with the modern therapies of western protocols.    

Don't let the name mislead you, this therapy is more than fusing two styles together.  It's the culmination of many years of therapy and thousands of clients seeking relief from pain or injury, body maintenance, and even enhancing performance and motion before an event.  This massage uses our Thaisport Method™, a portfolio of protocols that approaches Thai acupressure (a key component of Thai massage) in a whole new way.  The benefits of Thai acupressure is still there, but where, how, and why we apply it is focused on release of knots, muscle tension, and entrapped nerves — not sens lines. 

That's the Thai Sport difference.   Thai Sport Massage is available in 60, 90, or 120 minutes but we highly recommend 90 minutes or more to achieve the best results.  Before your session, we'll discuss your physical issues and desires of the massage session. No matter how active or inactive your lifestyle is — Thai Sport Massage is a great solution. 


Prices start at just $60.00 per hour (we also offer $5 cash discount)

60 Minutes   — $60/$51 6 pack
90 Minutes   — $85/$72 6 pack
120 Minutes — $120/$102 6 pack

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Note: Two or more people require a credit card hold and 50% cancellation fee if cancelled on the same day.