Thai Sport Massage — our signature massage uniquely integrates Thai with Sports massage techniques (and other modalities). This massage is fully customized with the right blend and pressure for your exact needs — learn more.

Thai Traditional Massage — Our Wat Pho trained therapists from Thailand provides 100% pure Thai acupressure massage and yoga-like stretching with this massage. It's ideal for those with muscle tightness and ligament/joint issues — learn more.

Thai Therapeutic Massage — This treatment is ideal for chronic pain or injuries and includes advanced therapies. It's often  recommended by Chiropractors and Physical Therapists and is a 90 minute only therapy — learn more.

What's New

November, 2015 — Our mission is to deliver amazing results for our clients.  In the coming months we will be adding exciting new technologies and services including an FDA approved cold laser system to help treat arthritis, muscle spasm, muscle and joint pain, muscle tissue tension, as well as joint and muscle stiffness.

September, 2015 — Our new office is finally open!  Located near our original "gym" location, our latest facility has been expanded to accomodate more clients in a quiet location.  Each room is private and custom designed for our Thai-approach to massage. There's even a special couples room too!  All new appointments are taken at our new location @ 11300 Sorrento Valley Rd, #105.

July, 2015 — We are now offering Prenatal Massage services for expecting mothers.  Pregnancy is uncomfortable and puts a lot of stress on the lower back where a traditional massage table cannot address.  Come check us out!

April 2015Traditional Thai Massage has arrived for the purists who want the same experience as in Thailand.  This type of massage is pure pressure and stretching with a focus on the legs and back.  Only our Wat Po trained therapists can deliver this treatment.

Highlighted Reviews

Our massage therapy focuses on therapeutic value and our 125 Yelp reviews tells that story well.  We've chosen a few excerpts here (PS If you'd like to review us, please use our new page @ Yelp)

I usually go to two types of places for massages — the high end spas at resorts where everything smells amazing and you sip on cucumber-flavored water, and the Korean spas to get a good scrub down and a nice massage. This was by far and away a much better massage than either of those places. Their 60-minute massage was incredibly thorough and hit all the places I requested. I think she was doing yoga on my back and it felt amazing! And you can’t beat the price - $55 with $5 off if you pay with cash. — Jennifer
I’ m a Wounded Warrior from Afghanistan and suffer three hernias within my lower and mid back, as well as an almost completely crushed Cervical Spine at C2. Aside the medication, the only real tangible relief has come from this place. I go weekly after my doctor’s appointment and get real lasting relief. I don’t praise someone without reason and the “Thai Sports Massage” does wonders and their staff are polite and professional. — Doug