Everyone's different and your massage should be too. We provide personalized therapy that does your body and spirit good. 


Our signature massage for athletes, office workers, and everyone else in-between. That's because we combine Asian and Western techniques into a single session customized for you.  By using all of our core therapies we can design the exact massage that you and your body needs.

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This massage is ideal for chronic pain, long term muscle tightness, or injuries and is often recommended by Chiropractors, Personal Trainers, and Physical Therapists. This includes all of our core massage techniques plus advanced therapy for specific problems.

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We also offer two very specialized massages.  Thai Prenatal Massage, which is for expectant mothers. And our Thai Over-50 Massage designed for those over the age of 50 years old who require special attention to joints, ligaments, as well as certain muscle groups. 

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Learn more — Thai Over-50 Massage

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